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Brenda Carre

hybrid author
Victoria, British Columbia
Brenda Carre lives on Vancouver Island, on land still steeped in indigenous lore where myth can arise from the waves of the Salish Sea on the backs of Orca. Her stories are published in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Fiction River Anthologies, Pulp Literature Magazine, Heart’s Kiss Magazine and elsewhere.
Brenda writes mythic epic fantasy with voice and a kiss of grimdark. Her short fiction crosses borders into the realm of weird fiction, ghostly visitation and the terrifying unknown: A paranormal sleuth and her side-kick genie solve X-file-style crimes in Victorian England. In small 1960’s town in the Pacific Northwest school girls resurrect road kill to deal with bullies and killers. Her current work in progress is a bromance between a revenant and a ghost complicated by the fact that they share the same body.
In Brenda’s upcoming portal trilogy, dragons fight a cosmic war against demons of anti-matter. Her debut novel Gret-of-Roon will be released in Summer 2022 from Pulp Literature Press. A taste of Brenda's prose can be found in 'The Clunkety' (Superpowers/Fiction River Anthology #26 2017 Edited by Rebecca Moesta) and 'Birdie' (cover story in Pulp Literature summer issue 31/2021). Talk to her about ghosts and weird fiction, she's old but she knows stuff.