VCON 39 has ended
Welcome to the VCON 39 Programming Schedule.

Every year, VCON’s crack Programming team assembles three days jam-packed with the best in panels, workshops, and events to keep you in geek nirvana. We hope that you are as excited by the panels, discussions, workshops and presentations we have on offer this year as we are!

NOTE: This schedule is still subject to change. Please check back regularly. :-)

Clint Budd

Clint Budd CSFFA President

Consort of a writer, Clint Budd lives in a secluded village on the shores of BC.  He is the current ruler of a small band of lost souls who slave away under his tutelage to promote Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy to the masses.  In a bloodless coup he overthrew the last ruler of CSFFA and has since, with a keen eye, navigated the rocky roads of Canadian Fandom.  Unless you have a death wish don’t get him started on the pronunciation   of our society, it’s “Kiss-Fah”, got it?